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aerial peninsula
emporer penguin peninsula
sea ice

This site contains images from Antarctica, the sea's around the continent and islands such as South Georgia that are closely linked to Antarctic operations. The area covers the Antarctic Peninsula, Lemaire Channel, Rothera and Antarctic Stations. Many animal pictures are available including penguins, seals, birds and whales. Other pictures include aircraft, sea ice, icebergs and airborne photography. The purpose of the site is to advertise a part of my picture collection and offer prints, digital files etc for sale.

At present I have over 12,000 slides of which around 8,500 have been scanned at low resolution. Each gallery page contains 10 images and the maximum size is 650px x650px so not much use for anything except web pages. If you do use a picture for a personal site then please credit accordingly and drop me a line. Please do not use any pictures for a commercial site, or any form of publication, without my approval.

Prices vary according to usage. Please contact me with your requirements. I can now print up to A2+.

All pictures are ©microft 2006. At the moment I only display my own work but if you have good pictures of the Antarctic and wish to add to the site then please contact me. Any sales will be on a commission basis. There are at present around 600 slides in the galleries. Please contact me if you need further information about any picture. Additional images will be added on a regular basis.

The pictures were taken over a period that started in 1978 and continued to September 2007 when I retired from the British Antarctic Survey

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